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S h o r t a g e M a n a g a m e n t

We help to avoid disruptions in your supply chain.

In the development of circuit board layouts, in addition to the complex electrical and mechanical requirements, the short life cycles of the components are a major burden for developers. 

It is not infrequently the case that due to a miscalculation, supply bottlenecks arise and consequently required components can no longer be procured at short notice. 

The ever increasing pace of innovation in the industry has a dramatic impact on the market availability of all components. Companies that develop, produce or maintain durable capital goods have to struggle with the short life cycles of electronic components. 

As a result, the original components are often no longer available and must be replaced. This is usually associated with a high level of adaptation and costs. 

Our aim is to save our customers precious time and expensive and complex redesigns.

We help with bottlenecks and find a solution to the "end-of-life problem" and offer a high-quality replacement with short delivery times at reasonable prices even for discontinued components.