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Q u a l i t y

100% traceable, certified &guaranteed

Due to complex process flows, the demands are increasingly high for those responsible in purchasing and product development.

The availability and acquisition for the electronic components is the main problem for securing production, development or maintenance and repair.

As soon as the demand cannot be fullfilled, most buyers turn to unknown sources and thus take a high risk.

As a result, crucial and important points in component procurement are disregarded, which ultimately turns out to be an even bigger problem in production.

Sahin Electronic GmbH has been relying on a precise quality policy and an associated quality management system for many years. In order to minimize component counterfeiting, manipulated goods or residual risks, we make every effort to ensure comprehensive quality assurance.

Sahin Electronic GmbH cooperates with a test house for a 100% quality control for electronic components. With the professional support of the test laboratory, the testing and approval of each individual component is ensured in accordance with worldwide standards and regulations.

Each individual component is subject to a complete test:

  • Visual inspection
  • X-ray inspection
  • RoHS test
  • Optical error analysis
  • Decapping
  • Acetone test
  • Electrical test
  • Function test
  • Solderability test
  • Digital microscopy
  • BGA inspection
  • Void inspection
  • Datasheet comparison

We strive to ensure the specified quality in all productive and administrative processes.

60 years of experience and a great number of references worldwide speak for our competence.