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Sahin Electronic GmbH is an independent seller of electronic components and chips. Our core competence is the procurement of discontinued / obsolete /hard to find components. By purchasing stock surpluses, we enable our customers to find discontinued components again.

With access to more than 150,000 items from our own warehouse, we can bridge procurement bottlenecks and supply your production quickly and easily. In addition, we offer you special purchases that are currently not available on the conventional sources.

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Discontinuation of components is increasingly preferred, but at the same time the delivery times of electronic components are extended. For years, we have specialized in the distribution of discontinued semiconductor components.

Our goal is to save our customers precious time as well as costly and expensive re designs. We help with bottlenecks, find a solution to the "end of life" problem and offer a high-quality replacement with short delivery times at reasonable prices, even for discontinued components.

We deliver according to your needs.

Our Linecard

Quality has uncompromising priority, because the function and life span of components are by no means constant in practice. Ensuring our product quality starts in purchasing. With a permanent, systematic and quality-assured testing and measuring procedure, Sahin Electronic GmbH guarantees a consistently high quality. We are committed to ensuring that customers, with the purchased products, at the same time also earn absolute trust in performance, value and service.

With a highly motivated sales team is Sahin Electronic GmbH for professional, appointment and needs-based services and meets the highest quality standards.

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