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D i s t r i b u t i o n

100% traceable, certified &guaranteed

Long delivery times or discontinuation of components are not only unpleasant, they make the production more difficult and confront developers with the time-consuming and expensive task of redesigning.

Sahin Electronic GmbH has specialized in the sale of discontinued semiconductor components for years. With access to more than 150,000 items from our own warehouse, we can bridge procurement bottlenecks and supply your production quickly and easily. 

In addition, we offer you special purchases that are currently not available on conventional sources.

Our core competence is the short-term procurement of obsolete components as well as components with long delivery times. 

Our portfolio, driven by constant innovation, includes the procurement of 

   - Discrete Semiconductors

   - Embedded Processors &Controllers

   - Memory ICs

   - RF Semiconductor

   - Integrated Circuits

   - Sensors

   - Industrial Automation

   - LED Lighting

   - Opto-electronics

   - Passive Components

   - Connectors