Since 1996

Since 1996, Sahin Electronic has been an independent distributor for electronic components.

Based on decades of professional experience, we have positioned and established ourselves with numerous manufacturers and distribution companies, relating to the requirements and needs of our customers.

We have always seen ourselves not just as an electronic component distributor, we are also a procurement and logistic service provider.

Sahin Electronic is dedicated to ensuring that when customers purchase parts they are also buying confidence, performance value and service at the same time.

Sahin Electronic stands with his highly motivated sales team, for professional delivery performance that is adapted to suit schedules and market needs, while fulfilling the highest quality standards at the same time.

The main goal in our company processes is the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The Company

Our corporate structure is characterized by tailor-made designs for individual orders and in practice this has proved to be a solid and sound way of guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

Over the years, we expanded with tailored sourcing services our customer base and added to this we have got numerous orders, which have developed ourselves into an internationally renowned partner for industrial customers.

Customer orientation or just-in-time, are only a few core aspects of our company.

With our communication medium as well as our tools in logistics, we are providing a quick and easy delivery process. The worldwide access to the storages of all distribution companies enables to find electronic components as fast as possible.

Our global network also enables us to obtain, respectively deliver, the electronic components you require at the shortest delivery times for best prices.

This service includes all semiconductors which are regularly available or are on allocation as well as components with long lead times, and obsolete components.

Our main objective is to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of service, product variety and quality.

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